How to STOP Catching Catfish by Doing This One Thing

That’s me holding up a Flounder I caught right off the pier.

You made it! You recently moved to the Gulf Coast — where there are hundreds of beaches and peninsulas. You relocated from the midwest where you’re used to fishing in dirty ponds and murky rivers.

Fishing for blue gill and catfish has become a habitual lifestyle.

But you’re ready for a new adventure!

You’ve packed up all your fishing gear. Including the umbrella that provides a little bit of shade in the coastal heat.

You’re excited to toss those lines out into the “new to you” waters, using fake plastic lures and silver spoons. You know, the stuff you’re used to.

But you’re only finding that nothing is biting . . .

Except for catfish!


Every other catch in the Gulf Coast waters is the slimy, whiskered fish. Not to mention they pose a powerful sting if you touch their fins, or handle them inappropriately.

Right on their barbed top dorsal and fins. This is a dangerous fish. Most people can’t stand to unhook them because they fear they’ll be sent to the ER.

The worst place to — because of a stupid sting!

And you might be wondering,

“Why are there so many catfish in the ocean, let alone the only thing I’m catching?”

Catfish will eat just about anything! From shrimp and chicken livers to worms and even squid, catfish enjoy consuming things that are rotting, bloody, or smelly.

With as much fishing tackle as there is on the market, these fishermen don’t stand a chance with these guys.

It’s funny how trudging over the rocks and boulders along the beaches, you’ll frequently find catfish with their heads chopped off. A bit gruesome. I know.

But it goes to show how despised of a species these catfish are for beachside anglers.

I know you’re over with catching catfish.

But there IS a solution!

I was the angry Angler that experienced this catfish issue. Finally, I stumbled across this product that changed my fishing escapade.

Introducing “Sand Flea” Flavored Fish Bites

These particular fish bites are consumed by the Coastal favorites including: White Trout, Black Drum, Red Fish, Pompano, Sheepshead and Flounder, to name a few.

Fish bites with sand flea flavor

Catfish might go after these particular fish bites IF(and only if) this is the only thing in the water. Or if they are starving.

In fact, I soon realized that catfish are actually repelled by the sand flea flavor. So if you want to try your hand at catching something other than a catfish, this product is for you!

There are a few benefits that these fish bites have over shrimp, which is the most used bait. And that is:

1.) These fish bites don’t fall off

Unlike Shrimp and other cut baits, you don’t have to worry about this bait slipping off your hook, or flying in a different direction when you cast out your line.

2.) They are a safe and edible product for the fish

These Sand Flea fish bites have a natural sand flea scent to them. While they appear to be artificial bait, they are easily consumed and safe for all fish.

3.) They attract many different types of fish

Sand Fleas are native to the beachy shores and live in the sand. However, many fish like them, and aren’t exactly on the Catfish’s menu.

People will often hunt for the sand fleas and attach them to the bait they’re already using.

I personally find it easier to buy a bag full of Sand Flea flavored fish bites. Many of the species of fish you hear about on the coast love sand fleas.

They make a good source for:

  • Flounder
  • Sheepshead
  • Pompano
  • Black Drum
  • Red Fish
  • White Trout

. . . Just to name a few.

4.) They are an appropriate size for most fish mouths

Whether you use Shrimp or other predatory fish, we normally have to cut our bait down to smaller-sized bites.

With these fish bites, unless they are the long strands, you don’t have to cut them. They are ready to go.

5.) They last a good while

Let’s be honest, I don’t particularly like using bait like shrimp.

It has a natural desire to fly off the hook when I cast, and even if I make those first few casts, all I need is for a minnow to nibble on it and it’s gone!

Fish bites, on the other hand, last a long time. They have a firm grip as they are punctured onto your hook.

They are also made with this durable netting that makes it difficult for fish to tear it apart.

So if you are so sick and tired of catching those pesky catfish while trying to catch good varieties on the ocean, go ahead and consider purchasing some of these Sand Flea fish bites!

I bought several bags of these, and I haven’t turned back.

Now I am not saying that you will NEVER catch a catfish with these.

Although, I specifically recommend this flavor of fish bite over the other ones like the crab, shrimp, squid, etc. Sand fleas are not a staple for catfish.

I would be surprised if you did catch one, however.

For a limited time, you can buy these Sand Flea flavored Fish Bites for a discounted price here on

You can also find them on other websites, but Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s(my favorite stores) currently don’t carry them.

Don’t wait!

Get these special Fish Bites right now!

I’ve had super good luck with these and I wish the same for you!

Once you buy them and have tried ‘em out, please comment below on what you’ve caught, and how many massive bites you’ve gotten!

You can connect with me on LinkedIn so that you don’t miss a post!

Happy Fishing!

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Kristi is a dedicated Copywriter who has a passion for fishing. She lives near the Greater Biloxi area and enjoys recreational fishing with her husband and their son(whom she homeschools.) Ask her to write up a fishing piece for your website.




Content Marketing Strategist for the Pet Industry || VetTech & Cat Cafés || Professional Cat Sitter

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Kristi L. Hughey

Kristi L. Hughey

Content Marketing Strategist for the Pet Industry || VetTech & Cat Cafés || Professional Cat Sitter

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